The main goal of the Leonardo Guitar Research Project (LGRP) is to study, demonstrate and communicate the possibilities of building acoustic and classical guitars from

non-tropical woods


Together with partners from different fields we aim to develop a cooperative knowledge platform concerning the use of alternative non-tropical wood species in guitar making

TEASER: one of our studies, the online test

In this video Gaëlle Solal plays 16 guitars who were recorded and edited into sections of the desired length and then pasted together into one musical piece.


Eight guitars are made from traditionally used tropical woods like rosewood, ebony, mahogany and Spanish Cedar.


Eight guitars are made from local and non-commonly used non-tropical woods..


The guitars were made by eight builders. Each builder made a pair of guitars consisting of one made from tropical woods and one made from non-tropical woods. The pairs appear consecutively in the track.


All guitars are of the same model. They all have European spruce tops, the same bracing pattern and the same strings. They are recorded with a flat EQ. No audio editing or effects are added.


This video was part of a blind listening test.

The audio of this video was used for a (blind) online listening survey which was running from 08.06.17 until 26.06.2017 and was completed by 226 respondents worldwide.

The survey asked questions such as:

- How many guitars did you perceive ?

- Can you note the transition time points (when one guitar follows another) ?

- How many of the perceived guitars are made from non-tropical wood species?


The chart below shows the woods used per guitar for back/sides, neck, fingerboard and bridge


Click here to see all the results of this test.

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